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Unlike other therapeutic programs you may see online, this program is designed for you to have a high level of interaction with Tamera through live group meetings, video instruction and other resources that you can participate in ongoing or in the background at your convenience.  

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Whole Soul ONLINE Membership – $125/Monthly (Recurring Subscription)  –  Click to pay

BEST VALUE – Whole Soul ONLINE Membership – $637.50/Prepaid 6 months  – Click to pay

Please call the office at (916) 801-8832 if you have any questions about  setting up your account and payment options.

What you can Expect*

Professional mentoring – You’re in good hands with Tamera!  “My job is not to tell you what to do but to teach you tools and concepts so you feel empowered to live life on your terms and confident in managing anything difficult that shows up.  I don’t call myself a healer.  My job is to teach you to heal yourself.

Empowerment lessons – Video lessons to reinforce the concept we are working on prior to each LIVE meeting.  “You can watch the videos as many times as you want to fully understand each concept and how it applies to you.” 2 video lessons plus inspirational content each month.

LIVE instruction and actual Hypnotherapy – “Unlike most programs online in which you never meet or talk to the teacher, this program incorporates LIVE and interactive instruction with Tamera twice a month, including tailor made hypnotherapy sessions to help you get to the patterning and programming at the subconscious level.”  Two (2)  Lunchtime- “LIVE with Tamera” group meetings per month, currently held on Fridays at 12PM PST.  (See schedule)

AccountabilityResponsive email support from your Whole Soul Team members to help you implement the lessons into your daily life for lasting change.  “Keeping your support team in the loop about your specific goals helps you get the most out of each lesson as well as gives your mentor important information that helps you tailor the lesson to your needs.”

Tools that really work – Access Tamera’s Toolbox for video lessons  to become an expert on tools that will help you build your life.  “Return to the tool box as needed to reinforce your understanding of the tools that will help you accomplish your outcomes.”

Community – Widen your circle of supportive people who understand what you’ve been going through.  “Humans need both understanding and compassion.  As you are willing to share your experiences, others will learn from what you are going through as well and learn how you need to be supported.  An important key to healing is in feeling seen, heard and understood.”

Group support in BAND – The BAND online platform brings members together to connect and share the ups and down of their experiences outside of our meetings. Utilize the PRIVATE CHATROOM on this platform for ongoing one on one or group conversations.  Access FILES for important program  handouts.  Tune into INSPIRATIONAL CONTENT and supportive communication from your Whole Soul Team.  “This is a program that is designed to be as accessible as you need it to be.”

Affordability – You have limited time and money to invest in personal growth. “A fraction of the cost of private therapeutic programs, Whole Soul ONLINE allows you to participate from the comfort of your own home, car, or workspace.”

Important Details

** PRIVACY –  Participation is encouraged.   All members will respect the privacy of other members.  Membership will be terminated at anytime without refund for behavior that is disrespectful of another or directly unsupportive of another’s healing process.

**REFUNDS AND CANCELLATION – Cancellation notice must be received by email and cancellations on subscriptions will be effective on the last day of the month that notice was received. No pro-rations will be given for unused or unattended meetings. No subscription is pro-rated or refunded at cancellation.

**RECORDINGS – All meetings are LIVE with Tamera and recordings of meetings are provided for review at your convenience.  Recording any portion of the meetings without authorization is strictly prohibited.  Your WholeSoul Team records the meetings for future use and by participating in the meetings you give your assent to be recorded.  Please make sure you have a privacy waiver on file.