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Your True Health Center for Functional Medicine membership also provides the following:

  • A  complimentary personalized recorded meditation ($150 Value)


  • Discounted rate for a program of services (Program pre-payment required)

What patients are saying about Tamera – 

“I used to be a skeptic, but no more.  Everyone with trauma should work with Tamera.” – Tim Thompson

“Tamera has helped me tremendously to stabilize my emotions where I no longer experience such dramatic lows and I overall feel more balanced as a person.  I am better able to nurture myself.” – Christina L.

“As someone who has struggled with lifelong anxiety and major depression, as well as difficulty managing anger, I had tried all the traditional approaches.  Within just a week, the benefits of the sessions with Tamera were apparent.  I started having less and less frequent episodes and then I was free of them altogether!  The success in dealing with my anxiety prompted me to work with Tamera on other areas with great success.  I cannot recommend her services highly enough to others who may be struggling with similar issues.” – Wendy Bramble

“The work I have done with Tamera has been very effective! I can tell a big different in my moods and attitude.  My entire family is benefiting from my experiences with Tamera.  Thank you Tamera for helping me learn to heal myself!” – Heather Troxtell