What I do and Why

So now you know my story and have a sense of me as a real person. I’m a wife and mother and my personal journey to healing and empowerment adds tremendous insight and experience to my therapy and coaching work.  It is my hope that knowing my story will help you feel safe and understood but that my training, experience and successes working with people with a variety of difficult issues (grief, depression, anger, panic, anxiety, trauma, women’s sexual issues, fears, smoking, weight, and more) will build your confidence in me as a professional who can guide you to becoming whole.

I count myself as more spiritual than religious and my relationship with my Creator is a valuable and trusted resource in my life.  I facilitate a process that can help a person bring about profound healing, but I do not call myself a healer because I believe that God authors all healing.  I believe that men and women were created for happiness and are imbued with a marvelous and powerful innate ability to help heal themselves and others. It is important to note that there are some who believe that Hypnosis is incongruent with religious belief.  I have found, however, that God has provided many many different kinds of tools for our healing and empowerment and blesses those who invite Him into their process, whatever their definition of God may be.


I was referred to Tamera Barnes by my Physician. I had been unable to sleep for over a year.  I began drinking wine to put myself to sleep and over the year I had to increase my consumption in order to sleep. I was very concerned about my lack of sleep, lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm and becoming more and more depressed.

I started my hypnotherapy sessions a bit skeptical. I was then surprised a the deep relaxation I experienced during my sessions. I began to incorporate into my life the techniques that Tamera taught me and, working in concert with my physician, I experienced more rest than I had in the last two or three years. I found my mood changing. I was actually enjoying life and looking forward to a new day rather than dread of trying to just get through the day. I found that I was able to incorporate my own personal spiritual beliefs and integrate them with the techniques that she has taught me and have been able to dramatically improve my quality of life. I would recommend Tamera Barnes to anyone who has issues with stress, trust, depression, and spiritual pain.

– Tim