Our next LIVE AND ONLINE GROUP CLINIC BEGINS – Friday, January 10, 2020 12:00PM (PST)

There is something beautiful that happens when a group comes together in intention and effort to help heal and support each other.  If this sounds like something that resonates with you, then this is the group healing experience that you’ve been waiting for.

An affordable option to private therapeutic services, Tamera’s LIVE and ONLINE group program offers group therapy and accountability meetings  to support wherever you are in your healing process.  Utilizing  beautiful group dynamic, Tamera effortlessly weaves in  powerful and personalized  interactive instruction that leaves each group member feeling restored and empowered  in achieving their own unique health and happiness outcomes.

Tamera believes that, once empowered with life building tools that really work, and able to access their own inner healing wisdom through gentle clinical hypnotherapy and energy-science based processes, each person is able to move from just surviving their life to really thriving in their life.

This LIVE AND ONLINE clinic accepts new group members at the start of each month, meeting several times per month and ongoing throughout the year.   Each meeting explores topics on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing and well being.  Unlike many other self-healing courses offered pre-recorded and without personalized instruction or support via the internet, this clinic is personal and LIVE with Tamera, and takes place online via video conferencing.

JUST $175/MO Subscription