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Our next LIVE AND ONLINE GROUP CLINIC BEGINS – Friday, March 13, 2020 NOON (PST)

Dear ones,

it is not enough to just exist in our lives.  

I remember being so tired of being sick, stressed, anxious and depressed. 

I thought I was so broken that helplessness and hopelessness would be my lifetime travel companions.

The reality is, the soul is always whole.  What is broken is the lens through which we see ourselves.

It took me seeking out alternative tools that really work before I found relief.  The same tools that I have shared with private and group clients now for over a decade with tremendous success.

The work I do in helping others return to healing has always been profoundly meaningful to me.   However, for a couple of years now I have felt divinely inspired to do more. 

It was in my heart to create a safe space where a group of women could embrace, not only a return to health, but a claiming of their personal worth and freedom. 

All while sharing in the energy of a  wise and compassionate collective that allows each woman to be seen, heard and understood.

  • a forum to share the profound energies, enlightening lessons, and powerful tools  that I have learned along the way in my own healing journey. 
  •  a format to reach more sick, struggling and lost women without breaking their budget.
  • a technology to make it a bit easier to fit self-healing into a life that is already pressed with too much to do and too little time. 

This is it. 

I am inviting you to Whole Soul ONLINE, beginning on Friday, March 13th, 2020, a comfortable and convenient LIVE and ONLINE healing program. 

For women.   

AND completely unlike other programs online that give you no  real time connection to the mentor or the other participants.

 Are you envisioning it?  Does it resonate?  I hope you’ll join us! 

Many blessings on your healing journey, <3 Tamera

Program includes:

  • Professional mentoring
  • Two (2) video lessons and inspirational content each month
  • Two (2) LUNCHTIME LIVE WITH TAMERA interactive meetings each month
  • Custom hypnotherapy sessions
  • Responsive email support and built in accountability
  • Access to Tamera’s TOOLBOX videos
  • Community support and BAND online membership

Register now and save over $75 on your first month!

Automatic monthly payments
$99 for your first month membership will be billed upon registration. 
$175/month thereafter, payment automatically processed. 
6 month commitment required.

Automatic quarterly payments – save 5% (over $170 annual savings!)
$431 will be charged for your first 3 months membership upon registration. 
$498 every 3 months thereafter, payment automatically processed.
6 month commitment required.

Pre-pay for one year – save 10% (over $265 annual savings!)
$1,831 charged for your one-year membership upon registration. 

Rates subject to change. 

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