Maybe you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Maybe you’ve been in survival mode for so long that the idea of doing something different seems too difficult. Maybe you’ve tried everything but you’re still sick, stressed, anxious, depressed, addicted and traumatized.  Maybe your identity has become so fragmented by the many demands of life that you just don’t even know who you are anymore, what your purpose for existing is, or why it seems like nothing goes right for you. You don’t even know where to start to put the pieces back together?  You are in the right place and the time is right NOW to take back your worth, your health, your happiness and your purpose!

A truly powerful “whole-istic” approach to health


What happens to the body doesn’t stay in the body but sparks a domino like reaction in each of the other parts of you.  So to with every other part in its effect on the whole.  The “secret sauce” of this program is unique combination of tools that takes into consideration the needs of the whole SOUL.  Your body, yes.  Also your mind, your spirit, your emotions and the experiences of your lifetime that have written themselves deep into your subconscious mind.

Tamera Barnes, CBT CCHT is an expert and weaving alternative techniques that really work with results oriented coaching strategies.  Utilizing a deep tool box that includes Behavioral therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Ayurveda, Holistic Health Practice, energy-science based techniques and more, she guides each individual to set in motion a powerful inner healing process to aid them in achieving greater physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.  Private and Group programs available.

Operating as a Behavioral Specialist on the team at True Health Center, Tamera leads and supports the Chronic Care Group Patients and  Caregivers as they implement medical and lifestyle changes with an aim to restore vitality and quality of life for the Patient and support the unique needs of a caregiver of all types.


Private sessions, either local in-office or via online conferencing, are available to those who are ready to invest in themselves and commit to deeply personalized physical, spiritual, emotional and relational recovery.  A  consultation is necessary to pre-qualify for this therapeutic intensive.  For details about a private therapy experience, CLICK HERE.


An affordable option to private therapeutic services, Tamera’s LIVE and ONLINE group program offers therapeutic meetings each month to support wherever you are in your healing process.  Utilizing  beautiful group dynamic, Tamera effortlessly weaves in  powerful and personalized  interactive instruction that leaves each group member feeling restored and empowered  in achieving their own unique health and happiness outcomes.  The next session begins January 10th. 2020  Join Tamera in a comfortable online group setting for a group healing experience that will blow your mind, soothe your heart and tune you into your Soul!  For more info about this affordable LIVE clinic, CLICK HERE.


“I completed a program with Tamera Barnes about a year ago. I am pleased to report that my life continues to feel good and, overall, my sleep this last year has been better than the whole ten years previous. I share with my friends that the work I’ve done with Tamera has made a tremendous difference in my health and happiness!”                   – Margaret

“When I first saw Tamera for hypnotherapy, my MD had just diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, my relationship with my 18yr old daughter was a daily struggle and I had trouble sleeping because I was so stressed.  The first thing I noticed was sleeping peacefully through the night and a general feeling of calm. I’m enjoying time with my daughter now and when we do have an occasional upset, I’m remaining calm in the face of conflict. My joint pain continued to diminish until it was gone, and to this date 8 months later, still no pain.  I am active and actually I’m amazed at how much I’m accomplishing each day.  I continue to remain calm under pressure and sleeping well. I’m so grateful to my friend that referred me to Tamera!”             – Julie